Nature Immersion, Visiting Schools Program

Bring your class to Camp Wetaskawin, St. Catharines, and explore nature nestled in Shorthills Provincial Park with qualified educators. Our outdoor Nature programs are designed to connect children with Nature in an authentic way through independent exploration and inquiry.

Our model is that of Nature Immersion, where students are provided the tools, space and time to explore the woods and natural surroundings through a balance of unstructured and structured activities.  Ideally, classes visit the woods on several occasions over a period of time. This allows students to build upon their learning, by comparing their observations,  testing their theories and reconsidering previous ideas.  We naturally compliment the classroom learning,  for any requested curriculum expectations,  by allowing children the freedom to further explore ideas and concepts that  they have had the opportunity to learn about in the classroom.

During an exploration session, students will formulate questions around their observations, while back in the classroom they have the opportunity to gather information to propose answers to these question. With multiple day trips, these visits to the woods can be used as an opportunity for students to re-explore their interests, test their theories and above all, spend more time in nature to explore with limited restrictions!

We understand that multiple trips may not be possible, and do offer single day school-trip programs. All of our programs are designed through consultation with the classroom teacher in order carefully select curriculum expectations upon which to guide the exploration. Following each session, teachers will receive an email with photo documentation,  and follow up ideas to work through in the classroom between visits to the woods.


We look forward to hearing from you soon, so we can start planning your Nature Adventure.

Sample Schedule:

  • Meeting/circle
  • Hike/Free explore
  • Lunch
  • Meeting/Circle
  • Free explore
  • Home

With Links to the Following Ontario Curriculum:

  • The arts
  • French as second language
  • Language
  • Mathematics
  • Science and Technology
  • Social Studies
  • Health and Physical Education

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