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Nature School Elementary Caregiver Guide

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Research Paper:  We are so proud to share this published research paper – a result of a collaboration between Nature School and Brock University:

“We’re Trying to find Cool Things in the Forest”

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Forest School Canada Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do when there is inclement weather?2018-04-29T22:28:39-04:00

We structure our indoor/outdoor time based on the enjoyment of the children. We only stay indoors automatically if there’s lightning or a windstorm. Our participant’s safety, enjoyment and comfort are our main concerns. Daily schedules may be adjusted based on participants needs. There is always an indoor space available in all of our programs.

In some cases classes may be cancelled – please see the policy guide for refund policy for each specific program.

My child was sick during camp, can i get a refund?2018-04-29T22:29:45-04:00

Generally, we do not give refunds for sick days, as we staff according to attendance. However, in certain circumstances, credits may be applied (i.e. multiple sick days with 48 hour notice).

Do you provide meals?2024-06-06T11:50:43-04:00

Snacks and lunches are sent to school and camps by parents, and are not included with any of programs.
We request that lunches be litter-free and nut free. On occasion, snacks may be offered at times, please alert Nature School about any allergies or sensitivities.

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