Part Time Nature School (less than three days a week)

Students who are homeschooled, attend on-line school, or are in kindergarten programs may attend Nature School as often as they would like. 

Students who attend a publicly funded school and are in Grade 1 and up may attend Nature School once a week, unless special permission is given by the child’s primary school to attend additional days. 

Part time students will follow along with the daily Nature School schedule, but will be excused from structured ‘work periods’. They may choose to participate in independent exploration or bring materials/work from home or from their homeroom teacher that they may complete independently. Facilitators will not be responsible for correcting, assessing or teaching material that is part of regular school or homeschooling programs for part-time students. 

We have had great feedback from principals, teachers and resource teachers from many of the local schools. Our experienced staff are with you every step of the way. Your child has a right to an education that educates!

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